How to check the operation of a control transfomer on an L&L automatic kiln. Applies to all automatic kilns that are not 480 volts. The control transformer reduces the incoming line voltage from 240, 208 or 220 volts to 24 volts for the control and 12 volts for the relays.

  • See this page for 12 KVA control transformers used on kilns with three sections or less.
  • See this page for 30 KVA control transformers used on kilns with four or more sections.

    General troubleshooting tips for kilns.
    Electrical background information and troubleshooting tips for kilns.
    Element troubleshooting and installation tips for kilns.
    Brick troubleshooting tips for kilns.


    For ideal firing results, thermocouples in each zone should be close regarding how far they

    What is the recommended temperature to turn off the Vent-Sure kiln vent when firing glazes,

    It is possible to convert a J230 manual kiln into a JD230 automatic kiln. 

    What Parts

    This question gets asked a lot around the holidays. L&L's official line on cooling the kiln

    Yes - there is no problem putting a smaller element in a larger holder. Just be careful on the

    Question: I have several e28-T kilns. I'm considering buying the Advancer kiln shelves made for

  • All the elements will need to be replaced.  Why?  For example, the ohms on the
  • The temperature on the display is saying 121F. It's not 121 in the studio. An independent

    Even though you know the kiln is not that hot: this indicates a thermocouple failure.

  • Before you purchase oil, check to be sure that you do not have a motor with sealed bearings.<
  • If the controller is in the limit state (i.e. LMT flashing in the display), you must use the
  • Once the kiln is properly calibrated after the test firing, it will fire very reliably for many

  • Specifically this error code means that during a cooling segment in the programmed firing,
  • One of the most difficult kiln performance problems to address is a problem with the electrical

  • An element connection can begin to glow if it is overheating. There are a few ways this can
  • The following diagrams show how to wire and configure the terminal

    tC FAIL tC alternating with FAIL

    Indicates the thermocouple has failed. Replace the defective

    The few things to check

    Using the WiFi opens up new possibilities with the Genesis controller.

    Why do elements in electric kilns fail? How can you save on kiln maintenance costs?


    Circuit Breakers
  • Circuit breakers that have tripped and have been reset continually will
  • Your Jupiter, DaVinci, or Doll kiln will have its elements either wired in parallel or wired
  • A Relay May Be Stuck Shut
  • All computerized kilns use relays to cycle the power on and off
  • Usually, this means a relay is stuck and needs to be replaced.

  • On 3-phase kilns,
  • When packed, the thermocouples on the Jupiter JD and DaVinci kilns are mounted to the kiln

  • The Kiln Sitter Tube assembly should stick into the kiln about 1". This will allow air to
  • There is an option to add time to the end of the program that appears when you enter a
  • When to inspect the kiln sitter
  • Kiln-sitters need to be adjusted and inspected before the
  • There are three different ways to control the cooling rate on the DynaTrol.

    Method A

    On the DynaTrol you will need to use the Vary-Fire programming. On a Genesis use the Custom

    The outlets are numbered on the side of the control box. In this example below all the outlets

  • Remove the lid. Open it first to remove the spring-loaded connections to the front of the lid
  • The first thing to check is to make sure you are not putting on too thick a layer of glaze.<
  • L&L's official recommendation is for an electrician to connect the kiln to power. You should

  • Sometimes with thick elements, especially in the corner of a DaVinci, or Easy-Load kiln, the
  • We recommend that you have a carbon monoxide monitor installed in your kiln room to
  • L&L has used a lot of different style thermocouples over the years.


    Shelf Heights
  • The bottom shelf should be 1/2" at least or 1" at most- up off the kiln
  • This program is fine for slumping, tack fusing, or full fusing, just substitute different top

  • Turn on the kiln switch.
  • Press any key to clear ErrP from the display.
  • On most L&L Kilns this is very easy to do. It is a matter of re-distributing the wires

    A customer asks: I would like to program my kiln to heat to Cone 6 then cool normally to 950°F

    The DynaTrol or Genesis control can be programmed to fire to up to 2400° F or 1315° C. No special

    Relays generally last around 200,000 cycles on average (roughly 18+ months depending on

    That is a difficult question to answer, as the longevity of a kiln is based much more on how it

    To check the number of firings on a DynaTrol control:

    Press REVIEW PROG. The last items that


    To keep your kiln in top operating condition, we recommend the