What do I do if the kiln stalls?

  1. If for some reason the thermocouple wires touch the hot kiln case, they may melt and fail. The result of this is that the kiln can “stall out”, say CPLt prematurely or display any other number of other random error codes. It may refuse to increase in temperature, and the kiln will just run on and on. If it is re-started, it may work fine for a while. What happens is that the millivolt signal in the TC wire goes to ground, or the two wires in the TC wire are “electrically” connected by the stainless steel melting through the insulation and the “temperature” is then taken right there, not in the kiln. However, the signal received can be so foreign to the microprocessor that the kiln will just stall. The specific Thermocouple Lead Harness needs to be replaced.
  2. Thermocouples close to end of their useful life can cause some of these same problems.
  3. Sometimes excessive ambient temperatures (over 125°F) around the control can cause stalling too.
  4. Corroded connection points can also cause stalling.