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L&L focuses exclusively on continuing to perfect the electric kiln. Teachers, Potters, Artists, Hobbyists, and Engineers find L&L to be the most durable electric kiln made and the easiest kiln to use, own, and maintain.

From an Unsolicited Email

I just want to tell you guys that your web site rocks! It is well laid out and intuitive to use. It provides extra information that it thinks I might want, and it’s usually right. The information is well written, in depth, and easy to understand. The videos don’t even need voiceover because they are so easy to understand.

The element holder idea is brilliant, I realize, as I try to repair an old [competitor's] kiln.

I’ll be buying one of your kilns later this year.

Thanks for doing it right.

e23T-3 Best Selling L&L Kiln

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Easy-Fire ceramic pottery kilns are the industry standard professional-grade electric kiln and L&L's most popular line. Durability features like hard ceramic element holders that protect the elements and brick interior, protected thermocouples, super-strong stands and solid peephole plugs are what makes L&L last beyond the rest. Excellent temperature uniformity with automatic zone control. Designed for simple maintenance with an pull-down panel, easy-to-change elements and color-coded wiring.

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