Industrial Durability

Through decades of experience providing solutions to industrial customers, we know how demanding factories can be on kilns and furnaces. Because L&L Kiln Mfg. makes the most durable pottery kilns in the world, we can offer industrial-grade kilns at a fraction of the cost of industrial furnaces — and in a fraction of the time. Help bring cost-effective firing capacity to your factory.

Crating Options and Loading Considerations

  • You need a forklift to remove the kiln from the pallet. After that, you can move the kiln with a pallet jack from any side.
  • All models except the EL3048 fit through a 36" door. See the General Dimension Drawing on each kiln page for details.
  • Fully Crated with a special shock absorbing system for shipping

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Up to 100 cubic feet. Bell-Lift Kilns replace car-bottom kilns with a more stable loading space. The kiln lifts up on a fixed base.

Front-Loading kilns in sizes from 8 cubic feet to 25 cubic feet. 5" of insulation. Arched top and full-brick interior.

Square and Rectangular. Stronger and more spacious than an oval kiln. Sizes up to 34 cubic feet. Heights up to 45" high.

Sizes up to 28" Diameter by 36" High. Extra power for dense loads.

Sectional Polygonal Kilns with 4-1/2" of insulation. Sizes up to 60" diameter of almost any height.

Sizes and shapes are very flexible.

L&L Makes Industrial-Grade Kilns

L&L kilns are the most industrial-grade electric kilns because of our unique durability features, and a wide range of options, configurations, and sizes. 

Durability Means Less Downtime

Loading and un-loading takes its toll on the firebrick grooves that other kilns have. L&L's hard ceramic element holders protect the delicate firebrick from damage.

Sophisticated Controls

Multi-program controls with data logging, touch screen operation, and 3-zone control. 

High Value-To-Price Ratio Maximizes ROI

L&L offers high-value features as standard (like our element holders and easy-to-repair construction). That means great value for our industrial customers.