The combination of 1/2" diameter element coils, the doubled surface area of the Quad element design, and superior heat transfer of L&L's patented ceramic element holders, make this the best element system in the world today.
APM elements increase element life in difficult applications


Pyrocil thermocouples are sensitive but limited to about 2200°F but offer greater sensitivity to temperature change and so may be appropriate in applications below 2200°F that require sensitivity. NOTE: Price of upgrade is per each thermocouple.
Type S Platinum Thermocouples are recommended for high fire applications. NOTE: Price of upgrade is per each thermocouple.


A Critical component in the longevity of your kiln!The Vent-Sure automatic kiln vent helps prevent corrosion on the inside and outside of your kiln.
The Vent Control allows you to automatically control the operation of the Vent-Sure kiln vent with the control.
The Vent Doubler allows you to use one vent on two kilns.

Kiln Furniture

Kiln furniture kits are the recommended set of ceramic shelves, posts, and heat-resistant gloves for each kiln model. These are for loading the work in the kiln.
These safety gloves are perfect for handling hot work when unloading a kiln.


Solid State Relays are quiet and result in longer element life because the switching time is so fast the elements don’t heat and cool as much the way the will with regular mechanical contactors. The whole system includes heat sinks, special fast acting fuses, cooling fan and extra safety relays.
Electronic High Limit Back Up Control acts as an upper limit back up to the main control. Back up contactors are also available.
Traditional 24-button Keypad control. This control can be substituted for any Genesis full-sized control.
Conformal coating is a protective chemical layer applied to electronic components to shield them from environmental factors


L&L's 480 volt option can include a NEMA 1 control panel
Powered bottoms increase power and can aid uniformity in large kilns
Powered bottoms increase power and can aid uniformity in large kilns
This option helps protect your control from electrical noise
Optional plugs and cords are dependent on model and voltage


L&L's rolling kiln stand features heavy gauge galvannealed steel construction with multiple bends for extra strength, locking swivel casters, integrated vent collection box support, and guide posts for the kiln. Each size is fitted to the kiln.
Rolling casters allow your kiln to be moved around to save space. Available on the elF kilns except for the eFL2635. Rolling casters swivel and lock.
This special Seismic Kiln Rack and Brace is designed to prevent a kiln from falling over during an earthquake.
Unpowered rings can extend the height of our Jupiter kilns.
Unpowered rings can extend the height of our DaVinci kilns.