Phase Conversion Kit for School-Master Kiln

Phase Conversion Kit

This includes the proper cord (15-50 cord for converting single-phase to three-phase, or a 6-50 cord for converting three-phase to single-phase), instructions, and all hardware necessary. The conversion takes about 10 to 15 minutes to complete and can be done by an average person.

What it involves: The three-phase terminal block is installed on the single-phase kiln by default. A few wires just need to be moved on the terminal block and the cord replaced. The only tools required are two adjustable wrenches for loosening the cord nut in the panel. 

Note: It is also possible to direct-wire your kiln to your disconnect switch.


Name SKU Price
3-Ph to 1-Ph Conversion Kit (for School-Master) L-G-3PHS/SM $155.00
1-Ph to 3-Ph Conversion Kit (for School-Master) L-G-1PHS/SM $150.00