Crating Options for Bell-Lift Kilns

Shipping Bell-Lift Kiln

Crate of a Bell-Lift kiln

Bell-Lift Crating

Forklift Required

  • No matter how the Bell-Lift kilns come to you you must have a forklift to unload and assemble the kiln. Check with the factory on weight requirements.

Continental USA

  • If you are within one day's drive, and it makes sense to ship on a flatbed truck, we can strap it to the flatbed as shown in the photo below.
  • The very large TB644754 Bell-Lift kilns have to be shipped this way. If we do it this way there is no crating charge and no pallets.

Covered Truck, Export, Hawaii, Alaska, & Puerto Rico

  • If the kiln needs to go on a covered truck then we must crate the kiln.
  • See part number G-G-PACK/BL  Packed on two special pallets in two halves.  Wood is all plywood or ISPM-15.
  • TB644754 models must be shipped on a container