Crating Options for eFL Series Front-Loading Kilns

eFL Packed


The photo shows the packaging before the outer cover is applied.

eFL Crating

Checklist and Unpacking Instructions

Continental USA

  • G-G-PACK/EF  The standard packaging for an eFL Series kiln. 
  • You can unpack an eFL kiln without a forklift, but you need a high-lift pallet if you don't have a forklift.
  • Only for continental USA  (Not for export, Hawaii, Alaska, or Puerto Rico).

Export, Hawaii, Alaska, & Puerto Rico

  • G-G-ISPM/EF  For export, Alaska, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico you will need an all-plywood ISPM-15 lumber crate.
  • You will need a forklift to unload the larger models (eFL2026, eFL2626, and eFL2635).
  • The eFL1626 can be lifted with two to four people but a forklift is preferred.
Name SKU Price
Engineered Pallet for eFL Series Front-Loading Kilns. High Lift Pallet Jack required to unload. G-G-PACK/EF $0.00
ISPM-15 for export (Requires forklift to unload) G-G-ISPM/EF $0.00