Powered Bottom (DaVinci)

Powered Bottom DaVinci

DaVinci Powered Bottoms

Optional elements in the bottom of the kiln

  • Optional bottoms with elements are available for the X2800, X3200, T2300, and T3400 Series.

  • Powered bottoms have 2/3 the power of one of the rings.

  • The elements have the same resistance as the side elements - which simplifies replacement.

  • The bottom elements work off of a separate power circuit. This power circuit is controlled by the bottom zone of the DynaTrol. You also have the ability to control the amount of time that the bottom elements come on relative to the bottom zone (i.e., 10% to 100% of the time on that the bottom zone asks for heat).

  • These are highly recommended for the larger kilns because they improve gradient uniformity (by reducing cold spots in the bottom) and improve heat-up times.

  • The bottom is not reversible on powered bottoms.


Pricing and Part Numbers

  • If you are ordering replacement power bottoms for existing kilns click here.

Adjusting the settings for a powered bottom

Name SKU Price
Power Bottom for X3200 K-X-PB32/00 $1,275.00
Power Bottom for T2300 K-T-PB23/00 $1,525.00
Power Bottom for T3400 K-T-PB34/00 $1,725.00