Hard Ceramic Element Channels

Hard Ceramic Element Channels

A clean interior of an L&L Kiln

The inside of an e23T-3 L&L Easy-Fire Kiln.

L&L Element Holder shown in the brick

An L&L Kiln interior from 1968


Protect Firebrick for a clean kiln

  • You won't damage brick when replacing elements

  • Easy to do - change elements WITHOUT unstacking kiln

  • Elements don't sag or fall out of broken grooves

  • Element Channels are hard - resist breakage when loading

  • L&L kilns can look new after years of use


Save Money

  • Save hundreds of dollars every time you change elements because, on an L&L kiln, you can do it yourself instead of paying an expert - it's easy!


No pins required

  • Pins can fracture the firebrick more

  • Hard to find the right place to put pins: It is challenging to find places to put the pins when the brick starts to deteriorate


Transmit Heat Better

  • Better heat transfer to your work: thin, dense walls of the channels reflect the infrared heat into the kiln

  • Elements operate at a lower temperature relative to the internal kiln temperature

  • Increases the insulating ability, energy efficiency, and strength of the kiln by requiring less firebrick insulation to be cut out


Hard surface for moving elements

  • A smooth, hard surface allows the elements to expand and contract freely

  • No loose brick particles will fall into the kiln and ruin ware

  • Elements will last longer because elements do not get easily snagged, bunched up, and burned-out

Ceramic Channels Resist Breaking

Easy to change Elements