Hard Ceramic Element Holders

The inside of an e23T-3 L&L Easy-Fire Kiln.

A clean interior of an L&L Kiln

L&L Element Holder shown in the brick

An L&L Kiln interior from 1968


Protect Firebrick and keep interior clean

  • Replacing elements does not damage the brick

  • So easy to do - you can change elements WITHOUT unstacking the kiln

  • Elements don't sag or fall out of broken grooves

  • Element Holders are hard - they resist breakage when loading

  • Customers often say their L&L kilns look new after 30 years of hard use!


Allow elements to expand and contract

  • Ceramic element holders have a smooth, hard surface which allows the elements to expand and contract freely

  • No loose brick particles will fall in the kiln and ruin ware

  • Your elements will last longer because elements do not get easily snagged, bunched up, and burned-out

  • It is harder for glaze, clay particles, and firebrick to touch and damage elements


Transmit Heat Better

  • The thin, dense wall of the holders reflects the infrared heat into the kiln

  • Elements operate at a lower temperature relative to the internal kiln temperature

  • L&L kilns require less firebrick insulation to be cut out which increases the insulating ability, energy efficiency, and strength of the kiln


    Fix the Problem of Electric Kilns

    • After one or two element changes, without ceramic holders, the fragile firebrick starts to fall apart and pins become the primary element support.

    • It only takes one accidental bump with a kiln shelf to permanently damage a kiln around the element groove.


      Don't require pins

      • Pins can actually make the problem worse because as they expand and contract (at a different rate than the brick) the pins fracture the firebrick more.

      • How do you know before you start how many you are going to need?

      • It is very difficult to find places to put the pins, as the firebrick is so deteriorated and crumbling.

      • Crimped terminals are a pain to install and, as the wires have to keep getting cut back, the wires get too short.


      Save Money on Maintenance

      • You could save $300 the first time you have to change your elements because, on an L&L kiln, you can do it yourself instead of paying an expert - it's easy!

      Ceramic Holders Resist Breaking

      Easy to change Elements