Electric Pottery Kilns

Electric Pottery Kilns

Ceramic Art & Pottery Kilns

L&L makes pottery kilns you can trust with your work

You put a lot of effort into your work, but once you put it in the kiln, you have to trust your kiln.
L&L builds the easiest-to-use and most durable kilns on the market. 

Kilns for Potters

Our most popular kilns. Sizes up to 10 cubic feet. Genesis touchscreen control with zone control.

High Power. Quad elements. Genesis touchscreen control with zone control. Designed for high production.

Front-loading kilns for smaller studios. Genesis touchscreen control with zone control.

Small kilns for hobby work or glaze testing. Genesis Mini control. 120 and higher voltages..

Kilns for Artists

Specialized kilns for crystalline Glazing

Pull-Apart, front-loading, bell-lift for ceramic sculpture

Square, Rectangular, and Front-Loading Kilns

Front-Loading, Bell-Lift kilns for high and low volume dinnerware production

Why L&L?


Easy-To-Maintain   >


Changing elements in a kiln

The ease of maintaining an L&L kiln will save you money and time. Ceramic element holders, solid peephole plugs, easy-change elements, ceramic thermocouple protection tubes - no one else offers this level of durability. Everything about an L&L kiln is designed for potters so they can keep doing the work they love.


Even Firing with Zone Control  >


Heat Balance Zone Control

Three-zone control promotes even firing in your kiln. It's like having three controls in one.

Superior Technical Support  >


Kiln Repair Service

The combined experience at L&L in kilns, ceramics, electrical engineering, and process engineering is unsurpassed. We work as a team to help you get your answers and help.

 Three-Year Warranty  >


Kiln Warranty

Most L&L kilns are warranted to be free of defects in workmanship for a period of three (3) years.






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