Automatic Zone Control

zone control



Single Zone vs. Multi-Zone

  • Many kilns have one thermocouple to control all elements (single zone).

  • In single-zone kilns, the elements are often graded in power output from top to bottom to adjust for temperature variation.

  • In L&L's multi-zone kilns, there are multiple thermocouples to control the different elements in each section. 


Effects on Kiln Loading and Element Life

  • With single-zone kilns, there is no way to adjust for varying load conditions in an unevenly loaded kiln.

  • As graded elements age and change in power output (at varying rates because of their different designs) they lose accuracy.

  • L&L's Dynamic Zone Control handles these conditions automatically. 


Dynamic Zone Control with the DynaTrol and Genesis

  • The DynaTrol and Genesis feature Dynamic Zone Control.

  • The control separately measures temperatures in the bottom, middle, and top of the kiln and automatically adjusts the heat output from top to bottom.

  • Kiln temperatures are automatically evened out as a result.