At what temperature should you turn off the Vent-Sure kiln vent?

A customer writes: I have the Vent-Sure from L&L...great product. When firing glazes what is a good temp to turn off the vent so kiln can hit target temp in my case 2190 Deg F. Do glazes off-gas after say 2000 degrees? Is there a general temperature to turn off vent?


  • Generally speaking it is best for your kiln to leave the Vent-Sure on for the entire time the kiln is heating up. Mostly this is to get all of the corrosive fumes before they get to your elements, wiring, and other metal parts of the kiln.
  • You can leave it on for the cooling as well if you need it to cool off more quickly.
  • Usually a slower cool-down is preferred though, so often the fan is turned off for the cool-down.
  • High-fire clays and glazes out-gas until the kiln begins to cool. Once the glaze has set, and the clay has vitrified no more gasses escape.
  • The heat in a red-hot kiln is almost all radiant heat. The hotter the kiln gets, the fewer and fewer air molecules are even present inside. Because of this- it is only helping the heating rate a tiny little bit to turn off the vent before the end of the firing.