What do I do if I overfire and melt clay and/ or glaze all over the inside of the kiln?

  1. Overfires are NEVER covered under the warranty.
  2. It's best to mine all of the clay and/or glaze out of the kiln and see what you have left. Put together a list of parts you will need to replace and get the brick repair kit for the parts that are not too badly damaged. Always replace the kiln-sitter tube assembly and carefully inspect the kiln-sitter on overfired manual kilns. Automatic kilns rarely overfire except if the wrong program is entered by accident.
  3. L&L will sell parts at cost if the kiln is still under the warranty period (Cost is 60% off things like relays or element holders. 50% off for things like floor slabs that have to be made by L&L). We do not seek to profit from that sort of misfortune, at the same time it is not our fault, so we do not want to lose on it.
  4. If the kiln is out of warranty (and the customer is nice) we can offer discount just to help out. 20% off parts needed to fix the problem is a good amount.