Why does my kiln seem like it overfires the pottery?

The work is overfired but there is no error code. Here are some things to look for:

    1. Cones placed wrongly in cone pack- angle is off
    2. Small or wrong cones used
    3. Fired to the wrong cone
    4. Firing with a hold time at the end
    5. Firing a Vary Fire program to too high a temp for the rate of climb
    6. TC offset adjustment needs to be set higher
    7. TCs reading unevenly (from age or loading unevenly or too close to TC) make it take longer to even out(must be firing and hot to see this; press 1,2,3),
    8. Old elements have more and more trouble responding to uneven temps- (from TC age or from uneven loading or loading too close to the TC) this makes the kiln take longer and can make cones look like an overfire
    9. Kiln-sitter (if used) out of adjustment
    10. Kiln-sitter (if used) blobs the cone instead of bends it- replace kiln-sitter tube
    11. Lid/ Hinge out of adjustment- opens a bit in the front when hot.