What do I do if I get error message "E-A"?

This is a rare error in the DynaTrol that indicates a problem with the memory chip.

A typical scenario:

I set a program up on User 1, ProgReview worked ok, and the kiln test fired ok for several minutes.

I set a program up on User 2, ProgReview worked ok, but then after the IDLE/oC cycled a few times E—A came up on the display. When I pressed STOP the display showed TimeRun then ROR then 69 then IDLE. When I then stepped through the program, the settings had been scrambled. I then recalled the User 1 program and found the settings in that had also been scrambled.

What to do:

  • E- A or Error A is the result of having too high a number programmed into one or more of the segments of the Vary-Fire program you are trying to fire. 
  • It is pretty rare, but it can happen in Segments 7 and/ or 8 of the User 2 program. 
  • Even if your User 2 program only has 1 or 2 segments, all 8 segments are looked at by the part of the controller that checks for faults like that. 
  • To fix it, just go into User 2 and set it for 8 segments. 
  • Then as you go through the program, check the set points; the degrees F or C number in each segment. 
  • Probably the degrees F 7 and degrees F 8 are set to numbers that are a lot higher than the maximum temperature of the kiln. 
  • Set them to a number below 2300 and finish going through the program. 
  • Lastly go back into User 2 again and set it back to the original number of segments.  Then try to fire it again.

Try restarting the control after letter it be powered off for 5 minutes. If you get the same error the board needs to be replaced.