The contactors on my Easy-Load, or Davinci kiln are loud. What can I do about it?

The first and easiest thing to do is to change the cycle time of the contactors.

This is done in the "Hidden Menu" . See the DynaTrol Instruction Manual (look for "Hidden Menu" and "Cycle Time")

4.4.10 CYCL: Cycle Time: The cycle time is the length of time between an element turning on two consecutive times. Using a short cycle time may improve temperature control, while using a long cycle time may improve relay life. Cycle time can be programmed anywhere from 10 to 60 seconds. The default setting from the factory is 14 seconds.

It is possible to install rubber washers under the mounts of the contactors.

It may be possible to retrofit the kiln with Solid State Relays. Contact factory for more information.