What do I do if the control display doesn't show anything?

On/Off Switch

  1. Make sure the On/Off Switch is turned on. Turn it on and off.

Control Fuse

  1. Check control fuse in side of control box. Twist open the fuse holder and physically check the little fuse. You can see if the metal element inside is melted if it is blown. You can also use your digital multimeter to check continuity across the fuse.

Branch Fusing

  1. Check the branch element circuit fuses inside the control box. All kilns with more than 48 amps and many 3 phase kilns have branch fuses.

Plug & Cord (if you have one)

  1. Make sure the power cord is plugged into the receptacle. Reseat plug.
  2. With power off examine the electrical cord. Look for burned or melted areas and breaks or pinched sections. Look closely at the head of the plug. If there is an internal problem with the wires and the plug parts you won’t be able to see it but you may detect a softening or melting of the plastic at the plug head.
  3. With power turned on and panel open check voltage at the Power Terminal Block. If you see no voltage there then you know something is wrong with the power source. CAUTION: This test should only be done by an experienced person familiar with electricity and its dangers.

Circuit Breaker / Power Source

  1. Check voltage at the receptacle. CAUTION: This test should only be done by an experienced person familiar with electricity and its dangers.
  2. If there are approximately 240 volts coming into the control transformer (terminals 4 & 7) and there is no voltage coming from the transformer (across terminals 5 & 8) then you have a bad control transformer and it needs to be replaced.
  3. If there is no voltage coming into terminals 4 & 7, then test for it at the Power Terminal Block where the power cord comes in. If there is power there then look for a bad connection or wire between the power connection block and the transformer, i.e. a bad toggle switch, wire, or 1/2 amp fuse holder. If power is not there then go further back on the line and measure the voltage. Keep going until you find voltage, then look for the problem between that point with the voltage and the last point checked that had no voltage.

Control Board

  1. If the transformer is OK and you know you have voltage going to the control board but the control still shows no display then the control board needs to be replaced.