How to pack a kiln for moving

  1. Remove the stand and the bottom.
  2. Put the kiln on a firm surface like a skid with a piece of plywood on it and put a 1" piece of styrofoam on the wood.
  3. Then put the kiln with the bottom section first.
  4. Then put some thin strips of foam between the edge of the top section and the top of the kiln (you may have to remove it from the hinge). On kilns with the spring hinge you can cut pieces of styrofoam to fit to the sides of the metal hinge that sits on top.
  5. Then put a piece of 1" styrofoam on top of the top, then the kiln bottom and then the stand.
  6. Wrap everything tight with stretch wrap.
  7. Protect the outside with cardboard or framing of some kind.