TB644754 Industrial Kiln

Easy-Loading Large Bell-Lift Kiln


TB644754 Industrial Kiln

Easy-Loading Large Bell-Lift Kiln

  • Jumbo
    (100 cubic feet)
  • DynaTrol Zone Control
  • Cone 10, 2350F, 1290C
LEAD TIME: 20 to 24 Weeks

Model TB644754 100 cubic foot Bell-Lift Kiln. Includes motorized lift, Three-Zone Multi-Program DynaTrol (and other industrial controls are also available). 66” wide by 47” deep by 54” high. Larger and smaller models can be built. The kiln reaches 2350°F (1290°C or cone 10).Variations of this are available. Please contact for a detailed quotation. The typical delivery for these large kilns is 14 to 16 weeks. Direct power connection. Cone 10 for all voltages. 

See the Crating Charges and Export Options here.

See this Checklist before ordering

Warning: Refractory ceramic fiber has hazards associated with its use. Read the MSDS Sheet before purchasing. Use a NIOSH N95 approved dust mask when working with refractory ceramic fiber. The RCF fiber is only intended for industrial use production facilities - not in schools or homes.  For more detail: Analysis from NIOSH.

  • Insulation:
    3" K23 Firebrick Sides & Bottom, 4" Ceramic Fiber Modules on Roof
  • Sections:
    Six 9" high sections
  • Inside Dimensions:
    Wide x
    Deep x
    High (167.64 cm Wide x 123.19 cm Deep x 137.16 cm High)
  • Outside Dimensions:
    Wide x
    Deep x
    High (195.58 cm Wide x 185.42 cm Deep x 381 cm High)
SKU Model Number Watts Volts Phase Fuse Size
K-T-6454/62 87840 460-480 Three Phase (Delta) 250 Amp
  • Additional Information
  • Amps: 106
  • Wire Connection: Direct Wire Connection (no cord)
  • Wire Gauge for Connection: 2/0 Ga
  • Branch Fusing: Branch Fused
  • Element Wiring: Parallel
  • Max Temperature: Cone 10, 2350F, 1290C
  • Certifications
  • International: Made for all markets
  • CE: Not CE certified
  • UL499: Not listed to UL499
  • Wiring Diagram(s):


DynaTrol with 4 Easy-Fire programs (Slow Bisque, Fast Bisque, Slow Glaze, Fast Glaze), 6 custom programs, PreHeat, Delay, Program, Segment Review, and Diagnostics. Zone control included on most kilns. Also see Genesis Touch Screen Option with Phone App for Remote Monitoring.
No need to pay extra for this important feature! Zone control on an electric kiln gives you the utmost in controllable temperature uniformity. The kiln control separately measures temperatures in the bottom, middle and top of the ceramic kiln and automatically adjusts the heat output of three kiln zones during the entire glaze or bisque firing.
DaVinci Panels are wired to industrial standards with good clean wire layout.
The control panel is mounted on a stand away form the kiln.
Ceramic protection tubes protect the end of the thermocouple.
Thick 8 gauge thermocouples last a long time. Special Limit of Error to ANSI MC96.1 specifications is used.
Power Relays are mercury-free to comply with increasing regulation and concern about mercury. Solid State Contactors are available as an option on most L&L Kilns.
All L&L Kilns come with an on-off switch and panel mounted control fuse. We do not rely on the kiln control to keep the kiln off.


Durability, Repairability, Better Heat Transfer. The smooth, hard surface of the inside ceramic channel allows the elements to expand and contract freely. No pins! The dense ceramic holders extend element life because they do not insulate the hot elements from the kiln interior.
Arched sides on DaVinci kilns are very strong and promote good air circulation
Industrial grade ceramic terminal blocks make changing elements easy. All contact between elements and wire lugs is over a wide surface of heavily torqued stainless steel washers. Wires are not crimped to element ends as in some other brands. This means you can change elements yourself without buying an expensive tool or hiring a kiln repair person.
Solid large non-tapered peepholes allow a wider view into the kiln. The peephole plugs are made from solid ceramic and are not as fragile as hollow type plugs used on competitor's kilns.
Special brick coating hardens and seals brick for durability and cleaner operation.
Corrosion resistant materials and methods result in a long-lasting kiln.
Three case clamps per 9" high kiln section are redundant safety for your L&L kiln.


K23 firebrick combines good insulation with strength


Easy-Load and Bell-Lift Kilns have a Two-Year Commercial Limited Warranty.
The combined experience at L&L Kilns in kilns, ceramics, electrical engineering and process engineering is unsurpassed. We work as a team to help you get you answers and help.
The combined experience at L&L Kilns in kilns, ceramics, electrical engineering and process engineering is unsurpassed. We provide a visual parts list with photographs, part numbers, prices and helpful information to reduce confusion when ordering parts. We also include well-vetted information and wisdom from our industry partners to ensure our customers have access to all the basic information necessary to be successful from the first firing.


Most L&L kilns are MET listed to UL499 standards. Listed kilns include Easy-Fire Pottery Kilns, Easy-Fire-XT Square Pottery Kilns, eQad-Pro Professional Kilns, eFL Front-Loading Kilns, Jupiter Sectional Kilns, DaVinci Square & Rectangular Production Kilns, School-Master School Kilns, Fuego Home Craft Kilns, Doll-Test Kilns, and Liberty-Belle Craft Kilns. Easy-Load Production Front-Loading kilns are MET-Us Listed for US only.


APM elements increase element life in difficult applications


Type S Platinum Thermocouples are recommended for high fire applications. NOTE: Price of upgrade is per each thermocouple.
Pyrocil thermocouples are sensitive but limited to about 2200°F but offer greater sensitivity to temperature change and so may be appropriate in applications below 2200°F that require sensitivity. NOTE: Price of upgrade is per each thermocouple.


A Critical component in the longevity of your kiln!The Vent-Sure automatic kiln vent helps prevent corrosion on the inside and outside of your kiln.
The Vent Control allows you to automatically control the operation of the Vent-Sure kiln vent with one of the outputs from the DynaTrol (or Genesis).

Kiln Furniture

Kiln furniture kits are the recommended set of ceramic shelves, posts and kiln wash that go with each kiln model. These are for loading the work in the kiln.
These safety gloves are perfect for handling hot work when unloading a kiln.


The new Genesis control from Bartlett includes a touch screen interface and WIFI connectivity added to the proven software of the DynaTrol. A phone app allows you to monitor your kiln remotely.
Solid State Relays are quiet and result in longer element life because the switching time is so fast the elements don’t heat and cool as much the way the will with regular mechanical contactors. The whole system includes heat sinks, special fast acting fuses, cooling fan and extra safety relays.
Electronic High Limit Back Up Control acts as an upper limit back up to the main control. Back up contactors are also available.


L&L's 480 volt option can include a NEMA 1 control panel
This option helps protect your control from electrical noise
Powered bottoms increase power and can aid uniformity in large kilns


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