Protected Thermocouples

Thermocouple Protection Tube


  • The Protection Tube extends past the tip, protecting the tip from damage while loading the kiln

  • Keeps the oxide dust from the thermocouple tip from getting into the kiln while firing.
    (Any dust should still be vacuumed when doing the normal cleaning of the kiln).

  • Protects thermocouples from excessive radiation error from the nearby hot elements.

  • Reduces zone control errors because the tips of all thermocouples are equally exposed to the heat of the kiln while still being as protected as possible.


Size and Description

  • The protection tubes are 3/4” in outside diameter with a 1/2” inside diameter (which accommodates the standard 8 gauge Type K thermocouple).

  • There is a flange on the back end of the thermocouple to prevent it from going into the kiln.

  • The tube is open but protrudes past the delicate tip of the thermocouple.


Calibrating the Kiln

  • For ceramic work we recommend calibrating the kiln performance with cones and adjusting the control to match the performance of the firing cones. The most important thing is to get a consistent reading from the thermocouples.

Details on why this feature changed and how to change over an older kiln