Corrosion Resistant Case

corrosion resistant case

Powder Coating n EL L&L Kilns

Reduce Corrosion

  • Clay, when heated, is corrosive (for instance sulfur in clay makes sulfuric acid when heated with water vapor).

  • All sectional L&L kilns feature stainless steel cases. All screws used in the case construction are stainless steel.

  • The hinge parts are made of heavy-gauge stainless steel.


Stands Are Aluminized Steel

  • The stands of most L&L kilns are made from aluminized steel which resists high temperatures.


Cases Of Front-Loading Kilns Are Powder-Coated Heavy Fabricated Gauge Steel

  • Unlike some of the other front-loading kilns on the market L&L only uses heavy gauge (1/8" thick steel) on both its Easy-Load front-loading kilns.

  • The cases are powder-coated which provides a very good barrier to protect the steel from the corrosive atmospheres.


Recommended Ventilation

  • Note: Proper ventilation of your kiln will also help prevent corrosion. Even stainless steel will corrode under some of the conditions that can be present in a kiln. Install a down-draft vent (the Vent-Sure) to remove corrosive fumes. A room vent and/or a hood vent do not extract the corrosive fumes from a kiln.