"No Crimp" Ceramic Element Connections

Solid electrical contact on terminal bolts

No crimping

  • Wires are not crimped to element ends as in some other brands.

  • You can change elements yourself without expensive tools or hiring a kiln repair person.

  • Many repair people tell us it takes 3 hours to change elements in another kiln vs. 30 minutes in an L&L. Some people are not strong enough to crimp and you need special tools to crimp.

Easy-Fire kiln element terminal


Unique Molded Ceramic Construction

  • Press-molded from high-temperature ceramic
  • All terminals are made from stainless steel

Easy-Load Terminals


Used on Most L&L Kilns

with these exceptions

  • 480-volt kilns require more terminals than are available on these ceramic terminal blocks.

  • Powered Bottoms

  • Easy-Load kilns use a similar ceramic terminal (shown in the photo)

Easy to Change Elements