Kilns for Schools & Universities

Kilns for Schools & Universities

Trust L&L with your student's work.

L&L Kilns is the trusted choice for K-12 ceramic programs, providing teachers and students with unparalleled peace of mind. Our kilns offer precise temperature control and are built with durable ceramic element channels, ensuring long-lasting performance. With user-friendly interfaces and customizable settings, our kilns empower teachers and students to create stunning ceramic pieces with ease, maximizing productivity and elevating the learning experience.

Kilns For K-12 Programs

 We recommend our School-Master kilns for low-fire programs for K-12.

For more demanding high school programs, our Easy-Fire kilns are the industry standard.

Designed for K-12 school art programs. Extended warranty. Designed for low fire. Genesis Mini Touchscreen control with monitoring app for your phone.

Good for High School or Universities. This is our flagship pottery kiln. Includes full-sized Genesis Three Zone Touchscreen control with phone app for monitoring your firing.

Cone 10 on any voltage and phase. Heavy-duty elements for advanced programs.

For easier loading. Includes full-sized Genesis Three Zone Touchscreen control with phone app for monitoring your firing.

Kilns For Universities

For the demands of a high-fire high school, college, university ceramics program, or community studios, we recommend the following kilns.

The most common high-fire production kiln.

For higher-volume production and easy-servicing.

For larger capacity and easier loading.

Lisa Orr

"These kilns keep looking new for decades because of the element holders. Now with the zone control, they fire absolutely evenly from top to bottom. All of this excellent engineering, along with their reasonable prices, make L&L the best electric kiln on the market." 


- Lisa Orr -



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Why Teach Ceramics?

"There is nothing in education quite like teaching ceramics.  Inherently interdisciplinary, ceramics underpin the world economy while students and teachers love the process and results. Addressing cognitive, affective, and psycho-motor domains in a single captivating act, ceramics creates in the learner the compulsion to learn more for intensely personal reasons.  All the research on this reality demonstrates that student scores rise when ceramics motivates them to learn. Why merely study the world when we can hold it in our hands to create new, personal meaning by practicing the ancient arts that gave us computer chips, fiber optics, solar panels, microscopes, telescopes, and cameras? Today’s tech world leads to views from art history, geography, economics, chemistry, physics, and design across the curriculum - all connecting to the earth in their hands. Education thrives when students crave more engagement. The  ceramic arts feed that hunger for more."

Bob Feder, President of The National K12 Ceramic Exhibition Foundatio Inc, Doctoral dissertation: Life-Changing Earth: The Career Choice of Studio Potters, Rutgers University, 1988