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L&L Kiln Mfg

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Discover what makes L&L electric kilns uniquely durable and long-lasting.

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Who we serve

K-12, University, Architects

Potters, Sculptors, Ceramic Artists, Glass Artists.

L&Lā€™s unique position in the kiln market serves industry well.

Types of kilns

9ā€ to 28ā€ diameter. Top-Loading and Pull-Apart. Many types and choices. Small to Medium.

Production sizes in both Square and Rectangular. Medium to Large.

Industrial and Craft Kilns, including our new eFL front-loading kilns. Medium to Large.

For major production. Large to Jumbo.

Ceramic armor, Calcining, Heat Treating, Production Ceramics

This is optional on many kilns

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An affordable front-loading kiln for schools and studios

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