1. Site Preparation: The checklist emphasizes the importance of selecting an appropriate location for your kiln, considering factors such as space, ventilation, and electrical requirements.

  2. Kiln Assembly: Detailed instructions are provided for assembling the kiln components accurately and securely, ensuring stability and safety.

  3. Electrical Setup: Proper electrical installation is crucial for kiln operation. The checklist highlights the significance of consulting with a qualified electrician to ensure compliance with safety codes and proper wiring.

  4. Ventilation and Exhaust: Adequate ventilation is emphasized to remove fumes and maintain a safe environment. The checklist suggests appropriate venting systems and addresses the importance of vent placement.

  5. Kiln Safety: The checklist emphasizes safety measures, such as installing a kiln safety switch and using proper protective gear.

  6. Test Firing: Conducting a test firing is recommended to ensure that the kiln operates correctly before firing valuable pieces.


From Jessica Putnam-Philips:

Yes, you can install a kiln vent. If I can do it you can do it! In this video, I walk you through all the steps to safely install the kiln vent.

  • Tools and Materials:
  • Kiln Vent Kit
  • Flat Head Screwdriver
  • Phillips Screwdriver
  • Electric Drill with 1/4" bit
  • Yard Stick
  • Pencil Work
  • Gloves
  • This video shows you how to properly adjust your spring hinge. Proper adjustment can prevent damage to your kiln and ensure that the lid closes properly.


    Installation requirements and checklist. all kilns. (Note: There is a more specific version of this for Easy-Fire and School-Master kilns.)

    Installation instructions for both the Easy-Fire and School-Master kiln lines. Revision:4-15-12
    Step by step assembly instructions for both Easy-Fire and School-Master kiln lines.
    Step by step assembly instructions for Jupiter Automatic kilns.
    Step by step set up and assembly instructions.
    Easy-Load Front-Loader Shipping Checklist

    The unpacking portion of this checklist only applies to the special crate used in the continental USA and Canada. eFL kilns shipped to Hawaii, Alaska, Puerto Rico, Mexico, and other international destinations will be packed in an ISPM-15 plywood crate and will need a forklift to install the kiln.

    All about the kinds of fuses used on electric kilns
    Complete information on voltage, circuits and wiring for electric kilns


    All weights are shown in pounds and are estimates.

    L&L's official recommendation is for an electrician to connect the kiln to power. You should

    Safety Warnings

    NOTE: If you are unsure about some part or procedure in creating or testing a

  • The wire gauge recommendations in our "Wire Gauge for Connection" specifications are based on
  • When you are installing the circuit for your new kiln, it is important to use the correct type

  • In some places, the electrical power is very inconsistent with power outages, interruptions,
  • When you first turn on a kiln and the elements are cold the amperage is higher. Once the
  • Circuit Breakers
  • Circuit breakers that have tripped and have been reset continually will
  • Breakers can trip on the kiln for a couple of different reasons. What is important to know is
  • In a word- No.

  • All surfaces within 3 feet of the kiln need to be fireproof.
  • The hinge piece that attaches to the lid has two "ears".
  • These must go on the
  • For ideal firing results, thermocouples in each zone should be close regarding how far they

    One of the most difficult kiln performance problems to address is a problem with the electrical

    On most L&L Kilns this is very easy to do. It is a matter of re-distributing the wires

  • The hinge piece that attaches to the lid has two "ears".
  • These must go on the
  • The discs are placed in the element holders to keep the elements from coming out during
  • Sometimes with thick elements, especially in the corner of a DaVinci, or Easy-Load kiln, the
  • Question: I am about to run my first bisque firing in my new L&L kiln. I have coated the

    Question: I have several e28-T-3 kilns. I'm considering buying the Advancer kiln shelves made for

    Calculate how many CFM of air ventilation you need
  • Find the BTUs per hour (BTU/Hour) your
  • The molecules of air (which expand during the heating of the kiln) do not carry many BTUs.
  • It is fine to go through a roof with the L&L Vent-Sure kiln fumes vent system.