MOV Surge Suppressor for 250 Volt / 50 Amp Enclosed Power Contactors - Unit is 5mm in Diameter, absorbs the discharge energy from the inductive coil of a contactor, and can be used on All 240 Volt or 208 Volt Contactors

The L-G-MOV1/00 MOV has a mark on it of PZ390 (you have to use a magnifying glass to see this).

Attach the MOV Suppressor to the Power Contactor by using two 16-14 AWG Insulated Female Slip on Wire Terminals for 1/4" Spades, one on each end of the MOV.


Red Pilot Light - Unit is used for All Manual Kiln Control Panels


Thermocouple Terminal Strip - Unit has Six 3/16" Spade Terminals on each side, comes with a Terminal Strip Marker Board and is used for the Thermocouple Wires on piggybacked Control Panels