Video Support

Video Support

Paul Cummins is a ceramic artist in the UK working on a massive project to make one poppie for every UK soldier killed in World War I. The poppies are being displayed at the Tower of London and then sold to the public. Our Jumbo Bell-Lift kiln, sold and installed by Potclays, our UK distributor, is helping him with this Herculean task. L&L Kilns is proud to be part of this memorial.

"I have been selling L&L kilns for just 8 years but using them for over 25. My first experience using an L&L Kiln was in high school where we used the classic Jupiter Series for electric and raku firing. For many years the Jupiter (JD) and Davinci were my go to kilns for my own work while I was a resident at The Clay Studio in Philadelphia. These kilns are everywhere, especially in the North East, and with L&L's head office in Swedesboro NJ, parts and service are easy to come by."


The number-one reason to buy an L&L kiln is the durable element holders. These are the ceramic pieces that hold the elements in the kiln. I have found these to make changing elements an easy and painless experience. No other company uses holders quite like these. I find the automatic zone controlled digital controller is easy to use--you can choose from using the simple and reliable pre-programmed firings or create your own program

The most important debugging tool in any toolbox is a trusty multimeter. A multimeter can measure continuity, resistance, voltage and sometimes even current, capacitance, temperature, etc.

This video shows how to drill your kiln bottom for a Vent-Sure ventilation system in case you are installing on a new kiln or if your holes are not already predrilled. The number and sizes of holes can be determined by looking in the vent instructions.

From Jessica Putnam-Philips:

Yes, you can install a kiln vent. If I can do it you can do it! In this video, I walk you through all the steps to safely install the kiln vent.

  • Tools and Materials:
  • Kiln Vent Kit
  • Flat Head Screwdriver
  • Phillips Screwdriver
  • Electric Drill with 1/4" bit
  • Yard Stick
  • Pencil Work
  • Gloves
  • This video shows you how to properly adjust your spring hinge. Proper adjustment can prevent damage to your kiln and ensure that the lid closes properly.