Kilns can be complicated, but they don't have to be. L&L makes them simple and easy to use and maintain so that you can create magic.

Easy-to-Change Elements




Ceramic Element Holders are Stronger than Brick




Zone Control - Of Course!

Even Heating - Automatically

Zone control automatically fires your kiln more evenly - even after your elements age. This means you can load your kiln with more flexibility. More...


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What are Potters Saying?

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Easy to install.  Easy to use.  Easy to maintain.

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Buy Durability

No pins! Durability, Reparability, Better Heat Transfer.  The smooth, hard surface of the ceramic channel allows elements to expand freely.

Easy to service control panels. Easy to change elements, thermocouples, and relays.

Protected Thermocouples extend thermocouple life and keep kiln clean.

Aluminized stands are extremely strong and corrosion resistant.