Aluminized Steel Stand

Corrosion Resistant Aluminized Steel

  • The stand is made from aluminized steel which helps the metal resists corrosion and high temperatures.

Full Support

  • The stand is made from a single sheet of 14 gauge aluminized steel. They offer solid support under the kilnĀ - unlike spot-welded angle stands that are common in the kiln industry.

full support stand

Engineered Strength

  • There is a channel bend (two right-angle bends) on each side for extra strength.
  • This full sheet provide continuous support for the kiln bottom.
  • The legs have three bends each for super engineered strength.
  • All material is 14 Gauge (14 gauge is .0747" thick or thicker than 1/16", which is .0625").
  • The stand is rated for three times the weight of the kiln.
  • It's so strong you can jump on it.

stand leg

Ready for the Vent-Sure

  • Studs are welded to the bottom of the stands to hold the Vent-Sure Collection Box.
  • This makes it possible to add the Vent-Sure option at anytime.

ready for vent

Protect Your Floor

  • There are plastic caps that fit over the bottom of the stand legs to make it easier to move kilns on the floor.

Super Strong Stands