Large Square & Rectangular Kilns

L&L designs and builds custom square and rectangular DaVinci kilns. Sizes are very flexible. The top is typically made of 4" thick ceramic fiber modules. The top is typically lifted off with an overhead crane or forklift but we have designs for pneumatically assisted lift-off and swing-away lids. Temperatures are limited to 2350°F. 

Below is a rendering of how we make these now:

Lift Off Kiln

Alexander Brooke from the UK has this kiln and makes huge ceramic pieces in the kiln


Brooke Pottery

Below are photographs of a large kiln we built for Brooke Pottery in England.

Model X4385 at Brooke Pottery - from top

Model X4385 at Brooke Pottery - from top

Model SP4354 which is 43 inches in diameter by 54 inches high

Model X4385 from the front.

Model SP4354s

Another photo from the front

Model SP4354

Photo from the inside

Here are the specifications for this kiln:


  1. 42" (1066mm) square by 85" (2150mm) high
  2. The kiln includes 9 heated sections that are each 9" high
  3. The kiln includes include one unheated section that is 4" high
  4. Kiln has 3" of brick
  5. Kiln has L&L ceramic element holders
  6. All sections and lid have two handles on either side (a total of 8 per section) plus galvannealed lifting rings on each section.
  7. The kiln includes a welded angle iron stand with leveling bolts
  8. The kiln includes a ceramic fiber module lift-off lid with a metal frame
  9. The kiln includes a separate control panel that mounts on the floor
  10. The kiln includes a DynaTrol zone control
  11. The kiln includes three type K thermocouples in ceramic protection tubes
  12. The Control panel consists of two of our control panels mounted together side by side with floor stands.
  13. 55,062 watts

Please contact or call for a custom quote.