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Enclosed Power & Control Relay - 25 Amp, 12 Volt Coil

25 Amp Enclosed Power Relay with a 12 Volt Coil - Unit is the standard Power Relay used on All Polygonal and X2300-D & XB2300-D Series Kiln Automatic Control Panels, it is also used as the Control Relay for X2800-D & XB2800-D, X3200-D & XB3200-D, T2300-D & TB2300-D, and T3400-D & TB3400-D Series DaVinci Kilns and Hercules and Easy-Load kilns. This contactor is used interchangeably as a power contactor on both 240 volt and 208 volt kilns. 

  • The Enclosed Power Relay 25 Amp 12 Volt Coil is identical to the 240V Enclosed Power Relay. LOOK AT THE COIL VOLTAGE. We use both, and it is easy to get them confused. Always check the markings on the relay before ordering parts.

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    One to Two Days
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    Part is returnable for a 25% restocking charge