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Enclosed Power Relay - 25 Amp, 240 Volt Coil

25 Amp Enclosed Power Relay with a 240 Volt Coil - Unit is the standard Power Relay used on All Newer Manual Kilns that Require Power Relays



See this page for the 12 Volt 30 Amp relay we use for most kilns.

See this page for the 240 Volt 30 Amp relay we use as a control relay for 480 volt kilns.

How to change a relay in an Easy-Fire Kilns

  1. Be sure to keep the wires on in the right sequence when changing a power or control relay in an Easy-Fire, Easy-Fire XT, School-Master or eQuad-Pro Kiln.
  2. The configuration is similar in a Jupiter panel or as control relay in a DaVinci, or Easy-Load panel.
  3. Make sure kiln is unplugged or locked out and tagged out at the circuit breaker or fused disconnect switch when doing this maintenance.


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    One to Two Days
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    Part is returnable for a 25% restocking charge