Lid Interlock Switch for Easy-Fire & School-Master

Door Switch

Door Switch Arm

The Positive Door Interlock Switch

  • Features a strong mechanical latch that must be turned before the door can be opened.
  • The turning of this latch breaks all power to the kiln as if you had used an external power disconnect switch or pulled the power cord from its socket.
  • This system was developed to meet European CE standards. It is standard on the Easy-Fire "EU" models and is now available as an option on USA Easy-Fire models.
  • Note: The angled control panel cannot be used with this option. 
  • Note: Easy-Fire & School-Master Kilns only.
  • NOT AVAILABLE WITH GENESIS CONTROL (because of dimension issues).


Name SKU Price
Positive Door Interlock Switch for Easy-Fire & School-Master Kilns K-E-LATC/00 $390.00