Hercules and Easy-Load Front-Loader Shipping Checklist
Easy-Load Front-Loader Shipping Form
All about the kinds of fuses used on electric kilns

Installation requirements and checklist. all kilns. (Note: There is a more specific version of this for Easy-Fire and ol-Master Skilns.)

Installation & Preorder Information for L&L Kilns (Spanish)
Installation instructions for both the Easy-Fire and School-Master kiln lines. Revision:4-15-12
Installation Instructions for L&L Easy-Fire & School-Master Kilns (Spanish)
Complete information on voltage, circuits and wiring for electric kilns


Kiln Interface & Datalogger Software System (K.I.S.S.)
Specifics on the K.I.S.S. Software used with L&L kilns.
L&L Cone 10 Kiln Wash (Spanish)
Specifics on the Pyrocil Sheathed Metallic Thermocouples used with L&L kilns.
Platinum Type S Thermocouples for L&L Kilns (Spanish)
Industrial Grade Ceramic Thermocouple Protection Tubes (Spanish)
Specifics on the Type S Platinum Thermocouples used with L&L kilns.