Shipping Kilns

FOB Point

  1. All Prices are FOB Swedesboro, NJ (25 miles South of Philadelphia)

Shipping class

  1. The shipping class for all kilns is class 110.
  2. The shipping class for parts is class 55.

Freight and handling charges for kilns

  1. Skidded cartons or crates are included in the cost of the kiln.
  2. There are some special options, especially for export: See this link for Crating Charges and Export Options.
  3. There are Freight and handling charges for parts.)

Collect shipments

  1. You can have the kiln shipped freight collect if you prefer. (This is where the freight charges are paid by the receiver; it does not refer to COD charges for the kiln itself - which we do not allow).
  2. You typically should have an account with the trucking company for this or else they will need a check when the kiln is delivered.
  3. We do allow shipping with 3rd party billing. However, if damage occurs we cannot file a claim.

Prepay And add

  1. L&L can pre-pay and add the shipping cost.
  2. Freight charges will be invoiced at the time of shipment except for distributors.

Shipping arrangements

  1. L&L will make all shipping arrangements with you prior to shipping.
  2. Export shipments are Ex Works. See this link for Export Shipping.

Cooperation Required for Receiving Kilns

  1. The carrier is responsible for unloading your kiln off of the truck only.
  2. Some locations can present major challenges - like long winding or hilly driveways. Available trucks might not always be able to carry out their mission.
  3. We please ask that you cooperate and assist the truck driver to make the process as easy as possible for everyone.
  4. The most important thing you can do is to let us know ahead of time what the conditions are like so the trucker can choose the best truck for the job.
  5. See this link for Shipping Damage and claims.

Choice of freight carrier

  1. We ship by common carriers of our choice. All shipments that we control are fully insured.
  2. Front-Loading kilns (and some other special kilns) ship by Air Ride and we always ship with a freight carrier of our choice.
  3. DaVinci kilns ship by common carrier but we also ship with a freight carrier of our choice for these shipments.
  4. For smaller standard kilns like Easy-Fire and Jupiter kilns, you may specify a freight carrier. However, if you specify your own freight company, you will be completely responsible for insurance and any damage claims. WE RECOMMEND THAT YOU LET US CHOOSE THE FREIGHT CARRIER. There are definitely some freight carriers who we would NOT recommend.

Shipping damage

  1. Because of our excellent packaging, we have very little freight damage. However, it does happen on occasion.
  2. Damage is usually obvious from the condition of the crate or carton.
  3. If you notice an obviously damaged carton the best thing you can do is refuse delivery or call our office. We may require an inspection at the shipping terminal before deciding if the shipment is to be returned. The shipping company retains possession and responsibility until the issue is resolved.
  4. Even if it seems minor, record all damage upon receiving your kiln and take lots of photographs.


  1. Liftgate loading trucks have elevators on the back of the truck that allows a heavy kiln to be lowered to the ground.
  2. If you don’t have a loading dock, this is probably essential.
  3. This may result in a delay in delivery because typically there is only one liftgate loading truck per truck terminal.
  4. Liftgate loading is available for an extra charge.
  5. L&L is not responsible for any redelivery charges, which can occur if the carrier is not aware that liftgate service is necessary. Because these charges can be substantial, we emphasize that it is the responsibility of the customer and/or distributor to be aware of the recipient's loading capabilities. Please communicate these to L&L before we arrange to ship.

Residential delivery

  1. Extra charges are incurred for all residential deliveries.
  2. Remember that common carrier shippers use large trucks. If you have an unusually difficult driveway for a truck to navigate, you may want or need to have the kiln delivered to a terminal and then unpack the kiln at the terminal and load it into your car, van, or pick-up truck. The sectional construction of our kilns makes this possible. Still, this is a two-person job.
  3. Typically when an order leaves our facility, it becomes the freight carrier's responsibility to care for the freight and the customer’s responsibility to work out the scheduled delivery appointment with the freight carrier. 
  4.  Common carriers typically ship on a 52-foot LTL, 18-wheel truck. If you do not specify that a 52-foot LTL Truck is not able to fit down your street, it could delay your delivery time considerably.
  5. Most carriers try to provide residential areas with a 33-foot to 28-foot short truck upon delivery. However, it’s not always possible or available. It is based on the availability of the right equipment at the local delivery terminal. 
  6. Delivery trucks smaller than 33 or 28 feet are generally not available.
  7. If a short truck is required for residential delivery, it must be specified upon ordering. The customer must be willing to cooperate with the carrier, and if need be have additional help on site to help unload the kiln down the road to their home or garage.
  8. Inside Delivery is not available.
  9. Another option is to pick up the kiln at the carrier’s terminal.  Note: The customer will be responsible for any transport damages, from your personal vehicle back to the final destination.

    Call ahead service

    1. You can ask to have the trucking company call you 24 hours before delivery.
    2. This must be mentioned in your order.
    3. We must have several phone numbers to reach you at including a mobile number if available.

    Delivery from your distributor

    1. Some local distributors offer delivery and setup. Be sure to ask.