Davinci Bell-Lift Kilns

Easy-to-Load Bell-Lift Production Kilns

DaVinci Bell-Lift kilns can be loaded from all four sides. The temperature uniformity is unsurpassed.  They are available on the X3200 Series (30-1/2 square) and T3400 series (30-1/2" x 43-1/2 rectangular). The kiln sections and top are held together as one unit with a metal support frame. This unit is lifted up with a motorized hoist mounted on the external frame (or optional motorized lift). There are manual safety pins that lock the kiln in place when the kiln is fully raised. The support frame is made from heavy duty welded parts that are easily assembled on site so that the system can be easily broken down for shipping. An 18", 27" or 36" high kiln (interior) will be 105" high, and a 45" high kiln will be 123" high. We can also make a special 6 section 54" high interior model that is 144" high on the outside. See this page for models and more details.


Bell Lift Kiln


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