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T2309 208V Heated Section

DaVinci T2309 208 Volt/1 & 3 Phase Heated Section - Unit is one complete 9" high T2300 Series Section (Ring) wired for use with All Kilns in this Series at this Voltage

  • Includes the entire firebrick kiln section with stainless steel case, element holders and elements, element terminal, peephole plug. Power wires that go from element terminal to control panel are not included.

    Note: When placing an order be sure to verify what type thermocouple (Type K with protection tube, older 14 gauge, Type S) you have in your kiln, and if you wish to have the section drilled for the thermocouple.

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    Special Order: 4 to 6 weeks
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    Part is special order or made to order and is not returnable.