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DL11 & DLH11 Sidebrick Section - Element Connection

Element Connection Sidebrick Section for All Doll DL11 & DLH11 Kilns with Element Holders - Unit includes matching Top and Bottom 2-1/2" Bricks with three rows of Element Holders (One 2-1/2" Holders, Two 1" Holder) 

  • Sidebricks are two 9" x 4.5" x 2.5" bricks cut with the proper angles, relief cuts in the back, and grooved for element holders. The holes for the element connections must be drilled in the field.

    Note: Side bricks made before Jan 1, 2018 (See your serial number) had grooves that are asymmetrical. Be sure to provide your serial number when ordering.

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  • Lead Time:
    One Week to Ten Days
  • Return Policy:
    Part is returnable for a 50% restocking charge