B18 208V #1 Element

B18 208V #1 Element

B-Model B18 208 Volt/1 & 3 Phase Graded "#1" Element - Used on All B18 & B18C Kilns at this Voltage (Refer to Wiring Diagram for Element Placement).

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you need to replace elements on a B Series kiln then all elements must be replaced at one time.

  • Voltage:
  • Size (Diameter):
    Small (.38" OD, Prior 1996)
  • There are two #1 (Top and Bottom) elements per kiln. 

    There are two #2 (One down from the Top and one down from the Bottom) elements per kiln. 

    There are two #3 (Center) elements per kiln. 

    The three types each have a different resistance (ohms).

    When changing elements, you should look at your element terminals and consider changing all of the hardware if there is any oxidation. You will get a 50% discount on the terminal hardware if you order a complete set of elements. The terminal hardware set for this kiln is here.

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  • Lead Time:
    Standard elements are 2 to 7 days but are dependent on material availability
  • Return Policy:
    Part is special order or made to order and is not returnable.