Video Support

Video Support

One of the most unique features of L&L kilns is the hard ceramic element holders and ceramic terminal blocks with quick change elements. 

Andrew Seymore from Clayscapes with Jessica Putnam-Philips discussing how to find the best kiln for you

With Jessica Putnam-Phillips from Clay-Share and Andrew Seymour from Clayscapes. They discuss some basic considerations for buying a new kiln.

L&L Furniture Kits feature strong Cone 11 pressed high alumina hearth plates, carefully cut square posts which stay straight, and protection gloves.

Please note: L&L no longer includes kiln wash or sells it separately. Please buy that from a ceramic supply company.

How to update software using a WiFi connection on the Genesis Control. 

Software Update

  • Click "Menu", then "Configuration", then "Communications".
  • Click "Enable Wi-Fi", then choose "Always on", then "Save".
  • Click "Wi-Fi Setup", then choose your designated router, (ex. "Linksys"), then enter the password for your router, (ex. "12345"), then "Save", then "Home".
  • Go back to the "Communications" section, then click "Download Firmware".
  • If screen reads "Latest version already installed", click cancel, the software update is already complete.
  • If latest version is not installed, wait until firmware fully downloads, then press "Install".
  • NOTE: Customers have successfully used their smart phone as a hot spot for updating the firmware in cases where no other wifi was available.

    In case you have issues with your WIFI please see this post.