Replacing Element Holders

When ordering a new holder provide model number of kiln and length of the element holder. See the Parts List for this information.

Note that if the holder has melted badly you may need to either replace the brick that holds it or at least patch the brick with our Brick Repair Kit.

Method #1:

  1. This method leaves the kiln intact.
  2. Break up the holder and remove it in pieces and then modify the new holder to snap into the groove.
  3. Using a chisel or large screw driver and a hammer carefully crack the holder that needs to be removed. Take your time with this, the holder can be gradually broken into little pieces.

The holder shown with small pieces broken off of it.

    The groove shown with the entire holder removed.

    Using linemen’s pliers, snap off the bottom edge of the holder. Make sure that the bottom of the element channel is closest to the edge that you are removing.

    A normal holder compared to one with edge removed.

    The new holder can now be snapped into the groove in the firebrick. It will hold in place with no cement.

    Positioning the holder back into place in the firebrick.

    Method #2:

    This method requires you to take the kiln sections apart.

    1. Take the section with the bad holder off the kiln and put it on a flat surface like a flat floor or table.
    2. Carefully pull the elements out of the element holders of the brick section involved and allow them to hang loose. Take great care not to hang loose. Take great care not to "break" the element as they are very brittle after firing.
    3. Loosen the adjustable clamps that hold the stainless steel wrapping. Loosen them just enough to allow the brick to slide out with slight hand pressure (so that the other bricks stay in place). 
    4. Pull up the brick with the bad element holder just enough to allow removal of the defective element holder and replace with new one. Slide the bad brick(s) out and put in new brick(s). Be sure the element holders line up with the other holders on either side. Note there is a top and a bottom in the element holder so be sure to get the orientation correct.
    5. Retighten the clamps on the wrap. Alternately tighten the bottom and top clamp so that you don't cock the stainless casing.

    CAUTION WITH STEP 3: If you don't have the section on a flat surface then the bricks will all come out of proper alignment.