Repairing Very Large Holes in Brick

  1. Cut out an area around the brick chip with a small knife, saw or router. The hole that you make should have 90 degree angles so that a square or rectangular block will fit in the hole.
  2. Cut a piece of firebrick to fit into this cut out hole. The piece should be slightly smaller than the hole (by about 1/16" to 1/8").
  3. Both the hole and the brick piece should be brushed and vacuumed clean.
  4. Wet the surface lightly. (Both the hole and surface of the block that you are going to insert in the hole). Use a paint brush or spray bottle (make sure there is no soap residue in the bottle).
  5. Apply the Kiln Cement to the surface of the piece that you are going to put in the hole. Use only about 1/32" or 1/16" of cement.
  6. Insert cut piece of firebrick immediately and push into place so that it makes contact on all sides with the underlying firebrick.
  7. Let dry for 24 hours at minimum.
  8. Cut off and/or sand off excess brick and cement.
  9. Cover with Brick Facing and allow to dry for another 24 hours.
  10. Turn kiln onto low for 3 hours to dry totally.
  11. Run the First Firing Cycle (See first-firing.pdf in the Operation Section).

See this video: