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Vent System Component - Bypass Collection Box (with 18" Duct)

Vent-Sure Vent System Bypass Collection Box with 18" long duct - Unit is configured to attach to the Rolling Stand for the largerĀ Rolling Stands (for 10-sided and 12-sided kilns). The tube that protrudes from the ByPass collection Box isĀ 18" long. Includes the Collection Box, Mounting Hardware, and a Sliding Valve to regulate air flow from the kiln body.

  • This must be used on the following Rolling Stands:

    1. Rolling Stands for 12 Sided Kiln (A-J-28RL/00 & A-J-28RL/PT)
    2. Rolling Stands for 10 Sided Kiln (A-J-23RL/00 & A-J-23RL/PT)
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  • Lead Time:
    One to Two Days
  • Return Policy:
    Part is returnable for a 25% restocking charge