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Type-K 8 Ga. Thermocouple - 6" Long Element (no terminal block)

Type-K 8 Gauge Thermocouple (Exposed) with Element ONLY - no Terminal Block - Metal element is 6" Long with a 4" long ceramic insulator tube that is 1/2" diameter. The negative wire is marked with red.

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  • The space between the two wires is smaller than the space between the two holes in the thermocouple protection block, and it will take some work to install these in the block. They need to be bent and straightened out to fit in the holes. Also, be sure to sand off any oxidation from the inside of the terminals. Be sure you are comfortable doing this if you purchase just the element and not the entire thermocouple assembly.


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    One to Two Days
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    Part is returnable for a 25% restocking charge