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Complete Aluminized Steel Stand for 12-Sided Kilns

Corrosion Resistant Aluminized Steel Stand & Legs for use with All 12-Sided Kilns - Unit is constructed from 14 ga. steel, comes with four Legs with PEM Nuts, Hardware for assembly, and pre-installed Hole and Mounting Studs for a vent system. The stand is 26" square and sits 8" off the ground.

  • The kiln stands are made of aluminized steel which resists corrosion even at the high temperatures experienced on the stands. the design of the legs is very sturdy with several stiffening bends. The top of all the stands is a sheet of aluminized steel with two bends on the sides for great structural strength. This will provide good support for the entire brick bottom. All stands have a 3" diameter hole in the center and four studs welded, which our vent collection box attaches to. All stands are 8" high. When you order a stand , you will get the stand top, legs, and appropriate hardware set.

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    One to Two Days
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    Part is returnable for a 25% restocking charge