Why does my kiln stall or stop heating with lots of clicking (relays) and no error code?

  1. Start by pressing 1,2,3 (or 1,2 on a two ring kiln). Look for which thermocouple is lagging behind.
  2. Assuming there is one thermocouple lagging: In DaVinci and Jupiter kilns, just disconnect that thermocouple wire from the lagging thermocouple and see if it starts to climb again. In an Easy-Fire, shut the kiln off, allow it to cool, remove the wire between the lagging thermocouple and the thermocouple terminal strip, fire again. If that lets it fire, replace both the thermocouple wire(s) and the thermocouple in the bad circuit. If it still does not fire, either a bad relay or bad element/ element connection is to blame.
  3. If you press 1,2,3 and temperatures are even (still clicking/ no error code), check the LAG setting (pre '06 DynaTrols). It should be set to 25, AutoLag- AULG should be ON. On kilns built Jan '06 and later, stalling with even temps (still clicking/ no error code) is very rare. Press Review Seg and be sure the number that appears after 'STPT' is higher than all the thermocouple readings. If it is, you will need a multi-meter and tech help over the phone to diagnose. If it is not, replace the DynaTrol.

Other reasons the kiln may stall/ fire slow:

  1. Loading may be uneven- try putting two elements between the bottom two shelves
  2. Loading may be too close to the thermocouples
  3. Thermocouples reading unevenly (from age or loading unevenly or too close to thermocouple)
  4. Different style thermocouples used in same kiln
  5. Look for loose connection- check tightness on the 4 little screws on the thermocouple connection block and (easy-fire) on the thermocouple terminal strip.
  6. In Jupiter and DaVinci kilns, look for a burnt thermocouple wire. This is bad news- replace it (you should really replace all of them if tied together) right away
  7. DaVinci/ Handheld - Check Handheld 14-pin connector for poor connection- wiggle carefully while running, etc.
  8. Listen for a louder/ softer/ different sounding clicking coming from the control box. A relay with a lot of corrosion on it