What size elements should I order?

We have had several improvements in our element holder designs over the years and have been able to increase the interior size of the holder to accommodate a larger element.

The first change was in January 1996 when we started using a slightly enlarged holder. Then in June of 2004 we introduced an even large holder. Those redesigned element holders have a larger opening for the element to be inserted into. The back of the element holder remains the same so that it fits in the same routed groove in the firebrick of all K and J kilns. MAKE SURE THAT ALL THE ELEMENTS IN YOUR KILN ARE OF THE SAME STYLE. The various types of holders can be mixed without problems, however.

See this entire page for information on Jupiter, J Series, Econo-Kiln, Easy-Fire and DaVinci element sizes and types.

Except for custom elements all Doll kilns only have one size element.

Dura-Fire, eQuad-Pro, Hercules, Renaissance, Fuego, Robin, Easy-Load, JH Series, School-Master, Chameleon kilns were all designed after 2004 and have only one size element.