How to interpret a garbled message on the DynaTrol

It is possible random segments could be lit on the screen but if that happens (and it is very very rare) it will usually just read gibberish. There is no error code that is SRPF. It might be best to have them take a picture of the displayed message... but it could be an "ERTF" code. ERTF is a feature that stores information about how the kiln was behaving when it gets an error code. It stores the temperature, the number of hours the kiln fired for, and the rate of climb. "ERTF" appears for a second along with all this other information immediately after you clear an error code that showed up during a firing. The only time the display will read only ERTF and nothing else is when you enter into the "Hidden Other Menu" and press OTHER a number of times. One of the choices in this menu is ERTF. You would then press ENTER to see what was stored there about the last firing. You might ask them to keep track of any error codes or questionable displays that appear in the next couple firings.