How to fix E-5 or Err 5

Possible Reasons for E-5

E- 5 errors read as "Err5" on controls manufactured before 2006

  1. Loading may be uneven- try putting two elements between the bottom two shelves and add more mass to the upper areas in the kiln
  2. Loading may be too close to the thermocouples.
  3. Element(s) out- broken inside the kiln, look for damage or perform a paper test .
  4. Element(s) out- a wire bringing power is burned off.
  5. Element(s) out- the center relay is out. The kiln section's temp may noticeably lag behind at med/ high temperatures. Top or bottom relay failure usually gives an E- d
  6. Thermocouples reading unevenly (from age or loading unevenly or too close to thermocouple).
  7. Different style thermocouples used in same kiln.
  8. Possibly there is an issue with thermocouple readings- like a thermocouple may be about to fail or have a poor connection somewhere (typically temp will jump all over the place with a poor connection/ nearly failed thermocouple).
  9. Lid/ Hinge out of adjustment- lid opens a bit in the front when hot.
  10. Press 1,2,3 while firing and see if you see temperature readings jumping around.
  11. Do a paper test to see if all the elements can come on (tiny piece of paper on each element and watch them while you run a Fast Glaze for a few minutes)